’13 Is Just A Number

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Rants, Uncategorized

Polly?  Polly?


In front of me is a TV playing “Nirvana: Live at the Paramount” which is symbolic to me in many ways.  I grew up around the greatest music ever…the classic rock era —> the metal era —> the grunge era.  Now…at 40…I can enjoy those eras every day.  In college I wrote a weekly music column called “Between The Beat.”  The last sentence I ever wrote when the column ended upon my graduation was “It’s all in the music.”  I believe that firmly.  As I ramble about 2012, with no real agenda here, I cant help but be so happy that music is still such an important part of my life.  It’s really the fuel for me…the thing that you can always count on…that is always there…you pretty much always know what you are getting…and then there are time when you have no idea what you are getting…it’s an emotional ride right?  Tis life.  I met Axl Rose in 2012.  What else needs to be said there?  I saw Guns N’ Roses 12 times in the course of one month at the Joint in Vegas.  It was the greatest month long celebrationof my 40th birthday that you could imagine.  Seeing GNR is always mind-blowing.  However, the people that work with the band,support the band, are the band, and whoever else are truly amazing.  I don’t name drop (Axl reference was a fact that if you have known me at all ever you know how important that moment was to me) but they are a great crew from top down and created so many amazing memories for myself, my wife, and my kids that I could never truly put it into words.  It’s all in the music right?

More music memories from 2012…

– The Killer and “Battle Born” —> Best album of 2012.  One of the best concerts I have ever seen.

– Watching the magic of Jane’s Addiction…being part of their pre-show “Fan Jam” which was beyond words and thanking Perry Farrell for all he has done for music.

– The rediscovery of bands like The Replacements, The Stones, The Beastie Boys…

– The continual indulgence of bands that never went away to me…

– The song “The Celestials” which I truly love.

– The need for Hole.

– The end of Jack’s Mannequin…for now…Andrew McMahon is one of the best writers ever.

– Watching pure shit be treated like the 2nd coming of The Beatles.  Is that direct enough on how I feel about 91.3% of music today?

Now, every person who is as infatuated with music as I am has pro-wrestling as their true bread and butter right?  Nope…but I do.  2012 was my 17th year around the wrestling business in some form.  You can look through this blog and read all about my ECW memories.  ECW = Nirvana.  I have said it a zillion times and it’s true.  ECW did for the wrestling business what Nirvana did for music.  Plain and simple.  Now…with that legendary run on my resume I thought I had done it all in the business and was good.  Well…I was wrong…very wrong.  In early 2012 I was approached to help in several areas with Resistance Pro Wrestling in Chicago.  I am proud of the borderline work/shoot we created.  I could list about a dozen people who reached out to me asking me what on earth was wrong with me.  People were saying I was bitter at the business.  People were saying I was trying to get attention.  I was insulted via Twitter by countless fans of Billy Corgan and R Prop loyalists.  I received one death threat.  In return, I was personally appeased by working everyone.  To me, it was funny.  I love the wrestling business.  I get so much out of it in so many different areas of life.  I would never ever be bitter at it.  The ones who said I was bitter…are bitter.  Funny though…if people really knew how much was worked…they would be surprised….seriously…it was really wacked out for a bit.  Still is.

There are several reasons I like the R Pro deal.  To name a few…I have no agenda, I don’t politic, and I have fun.  I do it out of sheer passion for the business, for the people who bust their asses to try and make the business successful, and to help, as much as I can, the people who deserve a break.  I am 99.7% sure this will be my last run in wrestling in whatever capacity that may be…and that’s ok…Some of the best people I have ever met in the wrestling business work there.  More so…I found the passion for the wrestling business that I lost.  I lived a dream and it was really tough to see sides of that dream that weren’t really a part of my own version of said dream.  That’s life.  Tough shit.  I dealt with it, I handled it, and I moved on…but I did lose my passion.  Now…2 and a half years later I am happy some of that passion is in my blood again.

During one of my trips to Chicago I did an interview for the upcoming ECW documentary that will shed some serious light on the legacy of extreme.  In that interview I was asked something about WWE/ECW and what I thought of it.  Well…without giving my entire answer away I will say this…WWE/ECW ended up being a virtual “trial by fire” forum for CM Punk.  I was there…I saw it all.   What I see now is truly inspiring.  I know, I KNOW, there are Punk detractors…and that’s ok….I choose not to be one of them.  I choose to be on the other side…the side of controlling your destiny, pushing the envelope, and being the change in the world (in this case the wrestling business) you want to see.  That inspires me.  Don’t agree?  I don’t care.

As far as the rest of the wrestling business goes….here are some general comments…

– I was saddened to see Edge’s career cut short.  Being someone I consider a friend (even though he hates me due to hockey issues) it was hard to watch.  However…Edge had a career that will inspire, motivate, and fuel the business for years.  I consider him one of the best ever.  No doubt.

– I wish to God there were territories with local TV.  Just so there could be surprises again…and talent crossing over…and all that stuff.

– I happy D-Von and Bubba have had “Hall of Fame” careers.  I was privileged to have worked with them for so long…and even though it seems like a lifetime ago…I know how hard they both worked to get what they got and that’s success you only dream of.-Tommy Dreamer remains, and always will remain, one of my best friends ever.  I know in my heart that if the worlds align what he did in Poughkeepsie, NY will be the grounds for something truly special.  He is a stand-up guy…and he cares more about this business then anyone I have ever met.

– The press should focus on what John Cena has done for charity and Make-A-Wish instead of where he goes for Christmas and situations that should remain private.   If you report so hard on one…don’t ignore the other.  I think I said the same thing around the time the Scott Hall documentary aired on ESPN.

Here is the go home smarks…

– I am grateful to have found the Mark Knophler prank call tapes online.  BeforeTheJerkyBoys.com….don’t screw yourself and not listen.  This collection of art has brought back sooooo many memories for me.

– I want people who tweet about changing their lives…that tweet inspirational quotes…to go back and read those tweets and do them….words are just that…Ready?  Action!

– This isn’t the proper forum to comment on Cirque du Soleil and my job there.  I can say, and this isn’t a comment, this is a statement…I am inspired every day by the people I work with, that entertain us, and that create.  CDS is the base for me…and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be there.

– As I grow older I worry about our kids…their safety…Newtown broke my heart.  I love my daughters just like those parents loved their kids…it’s sad.  I can’t properly sum up how I feel as I have no true words that would do it justice.

– There is no substitute for family.  Family isn’t always blood (unless you do a Mickey and Mallory Knox deal) and I have learned that more then ever during the last 3-5 years.  I love my family…the ones with and without my blood.  Family can also be crass and blind.  It’s an odd balance.  Remember what I said…family isn’t always blood.

– I am happy…and you should be also.  You should live…and not exist.  Let’s go.



I am happy and grateful to have meet some amazing people this year…in all facets of life…I am lucky and I know it…

’13 is just a number…it’s not unlucky….


  1. jeremiah evans says:

    just an incredible read Lou. i always enjoy your passion and the good energy you spread. i am always psyched to see a notification of a new blog by you. hope you have a great 2013 and beyond sir.

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